Aaron Romm is a voice actor based in Sarasota, Florida, but serves his clients throughout the United States. 

As fits his personality, Aaron is most at home in engaging and genuine-tone narrations, and his baritone voice is fitting for documentaries, explainer videos, and narrations. And while that is where his voice naturally lives, he enjoys "stepping out of himself" to fit the need, for example, characters and accents for audiobooks, some of which can be heard in his demos on the Main page. And because he has strong background as a teacher, he has experience in making any complex or technical idea easily understood. 

Do you need a genuine, relatable baritone voice to explain company policies in your next presentation? Perhaps your video or radio advertising needs to reach your audience with a voice that offers trust and quiet confidence. That is where Aaron can be of service to you.  

As an entrepreneur himself, Aaron loves being a part of new ideas and problem solving, especially when he can do so through his craft of voice-over.  

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Aaron's previous projects include live narration with musical ensembles, as well as long form projects, such as narrating and producing Austin Chambers's "Cascadia Fallen" series, "Tahoma's Hammer", and "Order Divested". 


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